User Experience Interaction Designer

at Comcast

Location: Philadelphia, PA

The Comcast User Experience (UX) team is transforming how Comcast customers access and enjoy entertainment, communications and home management services across all mediums—online, mobile and TV. By assembling the country's top designers and thinkers, the Comcast UX department is rapidly becoming the premier environment for building and launching one-of-a-kind experiences that make everyday life easier and more entertaining for millions of customers.

The User Experience (UX) Interaction Design Specialist

The Comcast UX team is seeking an Interaction Design Specialist (for online, mobile & cross-platform technologies) who can convert conceptual thinking into working prototypes, construct interactive experiences that directly meet the needs of UX product managers, and ultimately satisfy and delight Comcast customers across the country. The Interaction Design Specialist performs the following key functions:

• Accelerates the design lifecycle by creating rapid prototypes across interactive platforms
• Influences the Comcast experience by building solution-based prototypes through creative problem-solving and technological intelligence
• Works as both a Front-End Developer, UI expert and design enthusiast (and is viewed internally as both a hybrid and a specialist)
• Collaborates with product managers, creative directors and technologists to invent practical yet imaginative solutions


• Knowledge of front-end development (UI) with a keen eye for design
• Extensive understanding of UX and UI principles, as well as a strong fundamental grasp of design best practices
• Experience in interaction design, typography and motion
• Expertise in Web, HTML, Flash and AfterEffects (Ability to program TV remote control functionality into most prototypes strongly desired)
• Mobile skills – App Cooker, Realizer, Keynote, HTML
• Online skills – HTML/Javascript, Adobe compilers for device apps) Fireworks/Indesign click-throughs
• XHTML/HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, basic XML/Database skills
• Graphics production using both Photoshop and Fireworks
• Browser specifications and limitation, basic video formats and encoding
• Familiarity with the latest techniques for responsive cross-platform coding (Must be proficient in hand-coding—not using WYSIWYG editors like Dreamweaver)
• B.S. or M.S. in Computer Science, Engineering, Design or related field

Please Note: Significant prototyping capability in one key area is preferred to light knowledge in many, but if you're an interaction specialist who meets most of the criteria above, please get in touch.


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