User Experience Director

at Riot Games

Location: Los Angeles, CA

Riot Games was established in 2006 by entrepreneurial gamers who believe that player-focused game development can result in great games. In 2009, Riot released its debut title League of Legends to critical and player acclaim. As the most played video game in the world, over 32 million play every month. Players form the foundation of our community and it's for them that we continue to evolve and improve the League of Legends experience.

We're looking for humble but ambitious, razor-sharp professionals who can teach us a thing or two. We promise to return the favor. Like us, you take play seriously; you're passionate about games. We embrace those who see things differently, aren't afraid to experiment, and who have a healthy disregard for constraints.

That's where you come in.

As a User Experience Director, you'll bring your visionary leadership to Riot's UX team, mentoring designers embedded on interdisciplinary projects and helping to establishing a unified, consistent strategy. You'll guide the UX vision for one of Riot's core products (including mobile apps, websites, game clients, etc.) establishing concrete, yet flexible standards that ensure a holistic experience, but still leave room for feats of experiential ingenuity. You'll also build strong relationships with product owners, partnering with them to create top notch products while educating them on the value of UX design principles.

You are:

- A UX strategy veteran: you've racked up eight years' experience building large-scale experience and product visions, at least four of which you spent leading and inspiring the teams responsible for delivering them

- Curious and open-minded: you've probably supplemented your experience with a bachelor's or master's degree; you know education doesn't end just because you've stepped out of the classroom, and view every challenge as an opportunity to learn something new

- Strategically adaptive: you thrive in rapidly-evolving, ambiguous environments where you can work independently and stretch your creative muscles to find imaginative solutions; you know a great idea can come from anywhere, and rapidly change gears to adapt to shifting business or player needs

- Business and user-centric: you use user-centered design principles to shape UX strategy and positively impact both business goals and the player experience

- Product insightful: you use a combination of experience, research and intuition to set an ambitious quality bar and inspire team members to overcome obstacles and explore imaginative solutions in pursuit of UX perfection

- A team leader: you know the best leaders build on a strong foundation of trust that inspires teammates to explore imaginative solutions in pursuit of quality results; you lead by example, and use your knowledge and experience to help teammates level up their UX skills as you work alongside them

- An effective storyteller: you know how to win people over to your point of view, and craft compelling stories that champion experience design principles throughout Riot

- A game-culture empath: you might not call yourself a gamer, but you're highly empathic to game culture and eager to dive in and learn more about Riot and its game products; you're able to quickly align with the priorities of a new community by immersing yourself in the culture to understand their wants and needs

You will:

- Work with other UX and product leaders to shape UX strategy, establishing consistent quality standards while maintaining a culture of continuous evolution

- Create big-picture experiential strategies that cross numerous touch points unconstrained by platforms and technologies and work iteratively to put them into action; set a vision that encompasses the entire experiential ecosystem, including mobile apps, live event stage designs, product features or anything else that impacts the overall player experience

- Advise and mentor UX team members, collaborating with Lead UX Designers and other UX Directors to share knowledge, set realistic goals and seek out challenges and experiential opportunities

- Ensure experiential consistency and quality across Riot by setting flexible design principles and evangelizing them throughout the organization

- Build collaborative relationships with thought leaders across Riot and work with cross-functional teams to build fresh, but accessible UX solutions


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