Sr. User Experience Designer -- Web

at Citrix

Location: Fort Lauderdale, FL

About you…

You are passionate about exceptional user experiences, you take a human-centered approach to everything you do, you are a relentless advocate for your craft, customer empathy is your second language, you are highly organized and methodical, you have strong opinions but hold them loosely, you are energized by building things that make a difference, you see boxes and arrows the way developers see code, your include design pioneers among your heros, you just "get it", mobile first isn't something you just say, you love socializing ideas but aren't concerned with credit, you've re-designed a bad web experience just because it bothered you so much (even though it wasn't your job!).

About us…

We are a startup within a large innovative technology company. We're lean, agile, creative, collaborative and we make an impact on Citrix and our customers. We take a customer-centered, services-oriented approach to everything we do. We are a project focused cross functional group of professionals representing Development, Operations, QA, project management, user experience design and product management. We believe that ideas win over titles, pragmatism wins over heavy process, collaboration wins over territorialism. We are open to experimentation and to failing quickly. We aren't waterfall-ish, we aren't processes for the sake of process, we aren't stuck in our ways, we aren't your dad's IT organization.

The formal job posting can be found on the Citrix careers website.


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